Howdy all,

Free Software Melbourne invites you to join us to celebrate 30 years of
the GNU operating system, which sparked the free software movement.

Come join us for lunch on Saturday, 2013-09-28. We'll meet 12:15 for a
meal at 12:30, at Classic Curry Restaurant:

    Classic Curry Restaurant <URL:>
    597 Elizabeth Street (Corner of Queensberry St)
    North Melbourne

Partners and children are welcome. Please do let us know if you plan to
come or cancel; while not essential, the restaurant staff will
appreciate a reliable expectation of how many we will be. RSVP to me
(Ben Finney) or secretary Adam Bolte ahead of the day.

Bring a stuffed GNU or any GNU-related toys you might have! We hope to
get some fun photos.

Read about the GNU operating system, its history, and worldwide 30th
birthday celebrations, at <URL:>.

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Ben Finney

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