Greetings all,

This coming Thursday (tomorrow night) is the next scheduled meet-up
for our Free software discussion group, and it's a very important one.

We have a few things lined up which we'd like to discuss.

 * Ben has a couple of new freedom-respecting gadgets for show and tell.

 * Items in recent news, such as:

  - GOG announcing DRM-free games for GNU/Linux (albeit proprietary)

  - LibrePlanet 2014

  - MediaGoblin updates

  - "back doors" discovered by the Replicant project in Samsung

  - Mailpile

If there are other important/interesting topics you feel should be
discussed, feel free to suggest them on the night.

However, the main topic of the night is expected to be the committee
elections. Hopefully we get a good showing of people interested in
voting (although voting isn't compulsory).

If anyone is interested, we'll go out to dinner somewhere nearby

Date: Thursday 20 March
Time: 6-9pm

VPAC Head Office Training Room
Level 1, Building 91, 110 Victoria Street

A map is on the website:

See you all there!


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