I'll put forward a view. It won't be based in a deep understanding of DRM
or of software freedom. It is rooted in a little bit of history and a
lifetime of being human.

We've seen what large corporations
and government entities
will do to give themselves the illusion of control. And they've more than
adequately shown that the satisfaction they gain from the strength of the
illusion is far more important than any detrimental impact their actions
may have. This is not news to us.

We should be neither surprised or disgusted by these kinds of actions
because they are normal human responses. The more power we have the more we
wish to express that power. The more we express our sense of power the more
we see we don't actually have any and so the more we pursue power.

Take me for example. I'm using my computer and it gives me a sense of
command and power. Having this sense of power I try to express it by doing
powerful things with my computer. The more I try to do that the more I
realise I am a million miles from truly commanding and controlling my
computer. Upon this realisation I exert even more effort to give me more
understanding and more tools so that I can have a heightened sense of
command and power. etc etc.

All I have to do is glance across the surface of my own history to see
where I have shown the same pattern with money, resources, machines, tools,
women, knowledge, relationships, and mini golf.

My versions of it are fairly tame and inconsequential. When corporations
and governments to it...fucking look out. It's never going to stop. Unless
there are no human involved.

So given it's just human nature and it's never going to stop, and therefore
the work of FSF will never be done, what do we do to keep it in check? We
call each other on our shit. We be fierce friends.

Mozilla claim to be a stand for freedom and openness
<https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/mission/>. Not just a little bit. It's like,
their thing. But then in the background they've got some bullies fucking
with them and now they're acting contrary to who they say they are.

Imagine this. You tell me you've got a drinking problem and you're never
going to drink again. You're Mr alcohol free now. If I, as your friend,
then saw you out with some people smashing back a couple of scotch's
and I *didn't
*come over to you and say "Hey, I thought you were Mr Alcohol free? What
the fucks going on man?" I'd be a bit of a low prick. I'd be what you call
a fair weather friend.

I don't keep fair weather friends because I can't trust them. I can't count
on nice people. They do not have my best interests at heart. They are only
interested in appearing to be friendly. Not actually being my friend.

I only keep loud mouthed assholes as friends because I know who they are
and what they stand for.

Mozilla and FSF are both loud mouthed assholes and as a result they have
been great friends. But right now Mozilla has got a drink in their hand and
that funny look in their eye. And while it's ultimately Mozilla's choice to
drink, it's plainly obvious that some "nice" prick has put it in their hand.

If we are going to be their friend. Their real friend. Their fierce friend.
Then we need to be prepared to get our toes smelly by putting our foot
firmly up their ass and calling them on their shit.

We'll probably have a falling out. They probably won't talk to us for a
while. They'll get all indignant and mutter something about how freedom
means being able to do what they want. The'll probably go off and have a
great time with their new nice fair weather friends. But eventually they'll
figure it out, and they'll miss having our foot in uncomfortable places.
They'll remember who their real friends are.

Or not. We have no control. But we can be unreasonable, uncompromising,
real friends.

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