"What's happening here is that Mozilla has created a ramp for people to
switch to a DRM-riddled video service in the browser. How is that a
greater freedom? They have the freedom to have their freedoms taken
away, sure... but that's the kind of backwards thinking which has
resulted licenses such as the FreeBSD license."

I completely agree, this is why things like the GPL are so important.
They don't promote absolute freedom for everyone, it is made to benefit
the vast majority but not absolutely every single individual in the
current situations. It is more like a constitution for a good society
rather than a free-for-all that we somewhat have in the proprietary
space funnily enough. 

It isn't just about popularity it is also about encouraging both users
and service providers with a motive to do good rather than just seek an
instant flawed solution to the problem.

"They'll remember who their real friends are.

Or not. We have no control. But we can be unreasonable, uncompromising,
real friends."

When it comes to being a real friend that can help out - it involves
being 'caustic' in nature, without a little discomfort there will be no
progress. Most people fear change no matter the ultimate goal.


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