> As the Geelong site lead, more info;
> * Registration opens up for those who pre-register interest first. Sign
> up to the list, you get first dibs at registration. Go to it!
> * Normal registration for those who didn't pre-register interest happens
> a week later. There might not be spots left. You better pre-register! Go
> to it!
> * Some sites (Melbourne and Geelong) are also having 'Meet the data
> owner' events. Check individual site pages for more info;
> http://www.govhack.org
> Kind regards,
> Kathy

Thanks Kathy, I couldn't find the link at the time and thought
registration was just about to open up. The mailing list is here:

> On 24/05/15 20:43, Matthew Cengia wrote:
>> They're taking expressions of interest, and have a survey for people 
>> interested in child care during the weekend, but I don't have the links 
>> handy right now. Registration opens in a couple of weeks I think.

Forgot about that one Matthew, found it here:

> From: Michael Verrenkamp <jabj...@fastmail.com.au>

> GNU as Saas stand against everything it stands for. The links below
> including the brilliant "press release" complete with Stallmans quote
> compete with 'monetise' being used incorrectly.

> Press Release - https://diafygi.github.io/gnu-pricing/website/

OMG I'm still giggling every time I type "ls" :)
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