Hello Free Software Australia,

My Name is Andri Effendi.

In case we weren't introduced in Melbourne at the
"workshop: Contribute to free software and open source" ...

I am a Free Software activist, running the recently created Sydney based
Free Software mailing list.

I am aiming to have a web conference using Jitsi on September 10th 2015.
You will need a WebCam, Microphone, Speakers (or headphones) and a fast
internet connection capable of streaming a live conference.

The web conference will be a virtual gathering...

The exact time of the even hasn't been decided yet, however I am
currently contemplating holding it for 3 and a half hours at 7:00PM -
10:30PM. (with the last 30 minutes available for questions and answers)

Still to be organized...

Although Jitsi is Free Software, currently it is only compatible with
Chrome, Chromium, Opera and Firefox Nightly, so I thought I should
mention that if you would like to join in you should make sure you have
one of the mentioned browsers.

I would like to invite both Free Software folks in both Melbourne and
Sydney to join along.

I would like to know what people think??
Will anyone not be able to make it online that day?

I am asking for Victorian's and New South Welshmen to help me out here,
in any way you can.

I am really eager to build up the Free Software movement in the Country
so we can enshrine the solid foundations of The Free Software Movement
in Australian culture.

If you would like to email me Personally see my email address down below.

Kind Regards,
Andri Effendi
Free Software Australia (Sydney)

Email me: fusionman...@gmx.de
GPG Key: 8438 138D ECDA 05E0 591F  F2B4 4721 0F03 AC24 DF73

(For Security Reasons I think I should let you know that my GPG Key may
have been altered in transit, so If you wish to exchange keys, it's best
to do this in person)
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