> The City of Casey sent me a form email yesterday letting me know about
> the time and date of the meeting and acknowledging that they have
> received my submission. They haven't acknowledged FSM's submission yet.
> So that we can get all of the problems sorted out before the night,
> would someone (preferably the person who plans to speak) be able to
> call Casey today and clarify that they've received it?
I've got a confirmation that FSM is registered to attend... I won't be able
to attend during the day, so if someone could step up if the opportunity is
presented and speak to the general benefits of open source solutions we
mention in the submission that would be great.

I'll include most of the email below as there is also a call for potential
vendors, perhaps people here will know open source vendors to encourage to
get in touch with them.

~~ Ben M.

The City of Casey is conducting an industry briefing regarding its current
and future ICT programs on Monday 27th June 2016.

The briefing will cover three core topics:
- An Expression of Interest that has been released in relation to the
implementation of new infrastructure services.  These services will include
external hosting, wide area network, security services and associated
implementation services;
- A number of smaller Requests for Quotation (RfQs) that will be released
in the next few weeks.  The RfQs will seek assistance for a number of
projects including the development of a security program, the
implementation of service management processes with supporting tool and
assistance with project management for internal initiatives; and
- An outline of the core business capabilities for which technology
platform strategies will be developed over the next twelve to eighteen
months. While there is no intention to go to market in the immediate
future, vendors will be invited to make contact to demonstrate capabilities
that may inform the development of these business focussed strategies.

If any of the above topics are of interest to your company, you can view
further information (including the draft EoI for the infrastructure
program) at https://www.tenderlink.com/casey/ by referring to “Details For
Notice #CASEY-728635”.

The details of the industry briefing are:

Date: Monday 27 June 2016
Time: 10.00am
Where: Civic Centre, Chambers, Magid Drive, Narre Warren VIC 3805

If you wish to attend, please register via email to
contra...@casey.vic.gov.au  If you are unable to attend the briefing, but
wish to be considered as a potential vendor, please reply to this email
with contact details and the nature of your interest in the program.
Please note that where appropriate, information may be only be distributed
directly to selected vendors based on procurement guidelines and known
vendor capabilities.  It is advised that you register at
https://www.tenderlink.com/casey/ for information that is provided to the
general market, particularly if you cannot attend the briefing.
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