Hi Folks,

My much-loved Libreboot X60 laptop is looking for a new home, so if
you're looking to get started with Libreboot, this could be for you.
I've now upgraded to an X200, but used this device for several years as
my secondary machine, including presenting on it at LibrePlanet 2015.
Happy to sell to an FSM member for $50 (which is less than the cost of
the brand new battery it has). I can bring it along to Free Software
Melbourne tomorrow.

The laptop works well, but keep in mind that the version of Libreboot
installed doesn't seem to be properly using the CPU power saving
features. It runs quite warm, uses battery fairly quickly and sometimes
shuts down if left on 100% CPU for a while. It is quite reliable if you
override the fan settings, which I've blogged about[1]. There may well
be a solution to the power saving, but I've never had the time to
investigate. If you're looking for a fuss-free laptop, take a look at an
X200 or T400 from Minifree.org[2].

 - Libreboot X60 from Minifree.org (then Gluglug) in 2013
 - compatible with fully-free Trisquel 7.0
 - Atheros WiFi chipset (requires no proprietary software)
 - brand new official Lenovo battery (cost me about $80)
 - includes Ultrabase dock with DVD drive
 - power adaptor
 - 1024x768 monitor
 - 2G RAM
 - BYO hard drive


[1] https://stumbles.id.au/controlling-fan-speed-on-thinkpad-x60.html
[2] https://minifree.org/product/libreboot-x200/

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