> How does a council scraping initiative started in the UK evolve to
> influence and inform how the Victorian Government manages its information?
> Planning Alerts was originally a UK service to allow people to subscribe to
> be notified when there was a planning application near them regardless of
> council boundaries. It's success has also been replicated (and improved) in
> Australia. It seems obvious to many of us that a significant factor is that
> the initial project and those that followed it were Open Source and open to
> the Communities they served. How can we better demonstrate to government
> the value of Open Standards and Open Data than by making it happen?

On the topic of open government, I just thought that I'd like to share
a website that I've made. It's open source (AGPL-3.0+), and it tracks
how every MP votes on every division in the Victorian Parliament.

You can access it at http://vicvote.review
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