I'll have to get my hands on a 360 before I can check into it personally, but here's some interesting info (and prolly a place to start) for getting video from Linux to 360:

It'd be interesting to monitor these ports while the 360 and a media center pc are talking - maybe we could figure out the protocol & what compression is used, etc.

I wonder if we could come up with a dirty hack that tells the 360 what it wants to hear, and then shoves video into it... or if its that simple.  I'm sure there are control commands issued on the terminal that it opens (per Mike), but if we can at least get video going, we can worry about these later.  I just hope the set-up key PITABoy mentioned doesn't cramp our style - that would suck if it was required for the xbox and back-end pc to even talk (sinking feeling starts)!

Actually I just started playing with this a little bit, and was
surprised (sort-of?) to see that the Xbox actually launches a terminal
services session to the Media Center PC (there is a user created on the
PC for this purpose when the Xbox Media stuff is installed).  The
session then must just launch ehshell, which is the blue Media Center
screen.  I haven't gotten a chance to play with it too much (like
finding where the Media Center user's environment is being set), but for
a little fun I'd like to get it to launch a browser on connect, instead
of the MC shell.  From there, there are a ton of possibilities.


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I also want to stream mythtv recordings and have an xbox 360. For video
currently the only way to stream is to have windows media center edition
2005. And as for the protocal that it uses it is UPnP. On the 360 there
isn't very much that you can set up for video. you need to choose media
center. After that you it says it's speal about why media center pc's
are so good (yeah right). Continuing it gives you a media center setup
key in the following format : ****-**** Press continue and it will tell
you to go to www.xbox.com/pcsetup  that is how you set it up but
currently you need media center. :-( Hope that someone makes a mythtv
plugin soon ;-)

Hope that this helps,

On Sun, 2005-11-27 at 16:47 -0600, Charles Betzler wrote:
> Hello,
> I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the media center  
> features of the 360?  I was thinking it would be great to feed the  
> 360 video feeds from a Linux system, and somehow integrate it w/ myth-

> tv (or any other linux dvr software for that matter), running on a  
> separate PC backend.  As I don't have a 360 yet, I can't play with it

> - yet.  Does anyone know how the 360's media-center works?  Is there  
> some kind of special streaming protocol, or does it just use smb  
> networking - or both?  Better yet, if there is some kind of special  
> protocol (this is Micro$oft, afterall!), has anyone started working  
> on figuring it out?  I wouldn't think DRM would be a huge deal with  
> this setup, since the Linux system would be providing un-protected  
> feeds, not pulling DRM protected feeds from a media center PC.   
> Anyway, just some thoughts - lemme know what ya'all think about it!
> -Ted
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