Constantin Hofstetter wrote:

I know I know.. has propably already been discussed in here:

What about USB-Connectivity-Device security?
I remember reading a paper about USB devices and using buffer overflows and such to gain access to the systems cache etc. I tryed to find a link to that ppt (Power Point Presentation) of it - but had no luck yet :) Anyway, the paper explained that whenever a system (such as Windows or the Xbox360 OS) accesses a USB device it will read out some information such as the Device type etc. while detecting it. They actually showed a USB drive where the firmware was changed so that you could plug it in a Windows Computer with a screensaver (+password afterwards) running and it would go back to windows - get what I mean? Thats an other way you (way smarter guys ;) ) could make your way into the Xbox360. Sorry for my REALLY bad english but a) I am german and b) tired right (I am sick..) now.


Try hacking the firmware under Linux. You got a broader API for USB access in Linux.

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