I agree...

Tehre is also the #free-chat for stuff that are not directly related to development.

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Hello all,

I am a system/driver/firmware engineer, and have been listing so far, but will hopefully have time to make contributions when I get my hands on a 360...

A large portion of discussion seems to be surrounding "if we could load linux, then we could do xyz, and that would ROCK!!"  Or "It would be awesome to have XYZ so I can do ABC!!!"

At this point unsigned code cannot be run.  There will be a time to discuss what OSs/Programs to convert to run on the 360.  Currently, we cannot get a single line of our own code to execute.

It would seem to me, that the "What to do when we can run code" discussions are probably best performed in a forum such as xbox-scene.

I do not mean to discourage individuals from posting, but the S/N ratio has been getting worse on this mailing list.  So far, this seems to be the most technically inclined mailing list/forum on the 360.  As such, the discussions should be technical. 

I am mostly scared of seeing the best resource I have found so far for technical information lost due to off-topic discussion.

--Thanks all

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