Dan wrote:
Hi everyone,

I just made a competing mailing list on Google Groups. It should be
faster and lack the hideous signatures.

I feel sort of bad for not improving the SNR on this list, but perhaps
this can improve productivity or at least give the project more exposure
by being listed on Google.

Oh, almost forgot the link


Have a nice day,


I would just like to point out that this list is not supported, controlled,
condoned by the free60 project (The google one, not the one I'm currently
posting to).

We cannot stop you creating a list of your own dedicated to the developing
software on the xbox, however if you are serious about provinding a
effort, then I ask you kindly to close this current group, and register
under an
alternate name, that does not contain the term 'free60' to remove any
users may have between the two.



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