Yeah patching the dvd firmware is something I've heard more often, but if I were microsoft I would at least have signed it with some private key for authenticity (meaning you can't change it without the system noticing). That does mean some of the dvd hardware must have the public key somewhere and is therefore special to X360 - which is again a disadvantage. Or the CPU just gets the firmware and checks it for authenticity...

Try to get access to a SATA analyzer.. this you could determine for example
what the different in accessing a DVD Recordable and a Pressed DVD. :)

Doing sow, would theoretically allow is to generate a "Flawwed" DVD-R  & dvd
drive , by patching the firmware of the drive itself, or a different kind of
dvd player.

Which will respond to the sata command's in the correct way.

But those analyzers are quite expensive, but maybe on a university they have

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