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If you want to take advantage of the new x86 assembly optimizations you
need to make sure
 you have a current copy of NASM. Notes regarding specific platform issues
are below.

 Windows 95/98/NT


      The main project file is located in the base\win32\prj directory. The
      freeamp.dsw organizes all the sub-projects and builds all the
modules. As of the
      first release only MS Visual C++ 5.0 project files and nmake
makefiles are
      provided. Feel free to add other development environments such as
Borland and
      Metrowerks. Under MS VC++ you should open the file
      base\win32\prj\freeamp.dsw and determine which build you want to do.
If you
      want to take advantage of the assembly optimizations you need to have
      installed and correctly configure DevStudio to use it. Select the
      Menu and then choose the "Directories" tab. Select "Executables" in
the "Show
      directories for..." ComboBox and enter the path where NASM lives on
      computer (i.e. c:\temp). Once this is done select either NASM Release
or Debug
      as the active configuration. Output will go to base\win32\prj. You
can run
      FreeAmp from here or move it to another directory. Just make sure the
      directory is in the same location.



> when comp8ling on NT (VC++ 6.0 w/ msdn stuff) how do I deal w/ the .asm
> files?
> I get this interesting error:
> Performing Custom Buld Step on ..\..\src\msisasm.asm
> The name specified is not recognized as an
> internal or external command. operable program or batch file.
> Error executing f:\winnt\system32\cmd.exe.
> rainplay.ui - 1 error(s). 0 warning(s)
> ----
> Do I have to install perl to use that gas2intel perlscript?
> timball

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