Hello, People,

I'm the author of oolaboola (www.hyperreal.org/~est/oolaboola), which
is opensound.com's killer app of the month (wow! :) This app needs mp3
support and I want to do it with freeamp.

The way I want to do it is with a simple ui/pmo pair such that oola
can spawn freeamp, get info about an mp3 file, and seek to and read
frames.  I've actually implemented a prototype of this sort of thing
using mpg123, but I like freeamp better. :)

So, some questions follow:

* How should one write/configure uis and pmos..is there a guide to
  this?  It seems pretty easy to figure out, but an interface spec
  would be nice.

* How come freeamp-1.3.0 doesn't have a -pmo option..is there one in
  2?  In any case, it looks easy to add.

* How does timing work in freeamp?  In my case, I'll be using it as a
  frame server (essentially), so I simply want the data as soon as it's

Many thanks for any help anyone can give,


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