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> Re the ui/pmo idea: Since I posted it I've run into a nasty technical
> problem/realization: mp3 files aren't really seekable (that reservoir
> of bits).  This is not good for loops, etc.  I think what I may end up
> doing is decoding the mp3 into a temporary pcm file, showing how much
> has been decoded in a meter and announcing `seeking' when the user
> tries to go to a part that isn't decoded yet.  It's ugly, and I'd like
> to be told there's a better way.

Well, FreeAmp supports seeking -- currently we don't really care about
being frame accurate. But, let's assume for the moment that we could
make it frame accurate and then support SMTP timecodes if we want to go
that far. What interface do you need in your end? Give me a better idea
of how you need to request the audio data, and I'll see if I can cook
up something that meets your needs.

> This shouldn't be too hard.  The dsp and the gui are completely
> separate programs that communicate over a pair of pipes using Scheme
> symbolic expressions.  There's even a little sequencer program
> included that can take time-stamped symbolic expressions (which oola
> automatically logs) and drive the dsp.  The commands used are going to
> change a bit, but the lexics will remain the same.  I've got a broader
> vision for this Symbolic Control Protocol as something to use..well,
> instead of midi. :)

Cool -- I like it. Sounds like that would be choice for the PMO <-->
oolaboola communication.

> All this is completely consonant with some of my long-term
> architectual aims.  They involve resources identified by URLs that you
> can open and talk to via Symbolic Control Protocol.  Streaming
> connections can then be negotiated to use either tcp and network-order
> data or (if on the same machine) shared memory.  Applications could
> figure out where to send output by looking at the SOUNDOUT environment
> variable, etc.

Yup -- cool. The possibilities are staggering. I like it!

> On another note, have you considered 3dnow! optimizations for freeamp?
> I've been playing with 3dnow! recently and it's incredibly effective
> (like 3-fold speed-ups).

Right now we're doing ok on speed -- I realize we can always do better,
but the mothership (EMusic) wants to see more higher level features.
So, we're working over the next few months to do just that. But, that
doesn't mean that I'm not willing to sneak off and do some FA
improvements to work with oolaboola.

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