we use a lot of threads in freeamp. the playlist manager will spawn threads to
look up metadata info and to communicate with portables. bascailly if there is
a chance something will take time and it is asynchronous in nature then a
thread is used.


Jimen Ching wrote:

> On Fri, 27 Aug 1999, Mark B. Elrod wrote:
> >Song B
> >Song A
> >Song C
> >should Song A or Song C play next?
> It would depend on when the next song is queued.  I.e. if the next song to
> play is queued when the current song was started, then it should be C.
> But if you don't queue the next song, then whatever is listed after B
> should be played, in this case A.
> I should mention, in either case, you might have a race condition.  It is
> possible (if threads are used), that song B could be moved inside a window
> when the selection is done.  My suggestion is to not queue the next song
> until the current song finishes.  If the user is moving the song during
> the selection, then wait until the user finishes before making the
> selection.  This means you need to have locks on the list.
> Btw, how many threads are used, and where are they used?
> --jc
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