the playlist manager class is very stable right now. i have been pounding on
it like hell. if you find a bug let me know asap. the one thing that it does
not do is communicate with the player about items being updated or added. i
will add messaging in later this week after i have given it some thought.
however the class should work well for adding songs and iterating them and
editing playlists. there are no docs but it is fairly straightforward class to
use. let me know if you have questions.


Palpatine wrote:

> I checked out 1.5 and it seems great, before I start delving into the
> code, a quick question: is it ready for ui plugins to have playlist
> support yet?  I'd like to start implementing playlist support into
> ncursesUI as soon as possible, so if it's ready, or the specs for how to
> do it when it is ready are availiable, let me know.
> Also:  I'd like input from anyone and everyone on the look of the
> ncursesUI.. I've been thinking of putting in colors but I don't quite know
> what it should look like.. anyone with ideas, or, even better, mocked up
> screenshots, please, send them over.. even if you want to radically change
> the look, that's fine.. I'm open to anything.
> -palp

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