you can just check out a new copy and use that...


Palpatine wrote:

> Sure, I actually thought of that right *AFTER* I sent the message.. sigh.
> I just forgot to keep an original copy around.. Will do next time.
> On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Isaac Richards wrote:
> > Could you please send diff's instead of the entire files?  Just a request,
> > but it's a whole lot easier on my 28.8, and I like to look at the changes.
> > If you need help with diff, lemme know..  Ah hell, not to impinge on
> > anyone's knowledge, here's my favorite way of doing a diff:
> >
> > Say you got your original freeamp/ dir that's up-to-date with current cvs,
> > and your freeamp.working/ dir, right?
> > so "diff -uNrd freeamp freeamp.working > freeamp.diff" would spit out a
> > nicely formatted diff file =)
> >
> > Isaac

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