i am almost finished with the rio plugin. i decided to try a different
approach to the memory management. let me know if you think this is
totally wacky. first, it always annoys me that i have to manually decide
which card to use or view, internal or external... it should not matter,
it is just memory, right? So i decided to "flatten" the address space
out on the rio. a user sees all their music together and can move the
songs around as if they were truly contiguous. When the playlist manager
syncs the current playlist to the portable device it then partitions the
list and loads it onto the appropriate card. what this means is that if
a song is on the external ram and has been moved in the list such that
it should actually be on the internal ram then i download it temporarily
to the computer and then reupload. it will take twice the time but at
least a user can do it. another feature i want to add is the ability to
span internal and external memory. i have 64 megs on my rio but only
about 60 of it is useable. i end up having ~2 megs free on each card...
it sucks, that last song from a cd won't fit.... so what if we just
split the mpeg when uploading? sure it will appear as 2 tracks and there
will be a small glitch in the middle but at least you hear most of it
correctly.... what do you guys think of these ideas?


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