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> we would definitely like to learn more about what you are 
> doing. the source for
i created an application which handles the LCD control, file enumeration,
and the other player stuff needed in a car player, i use winamp (driven with
window messages) to play the mp3-s, this will be changed (i need more
control on the player), as soon as i find a suitable decoder for my needs,
thats why i need more info on xing's. i investigated freeamp's sources maybe
it can be implemented as a CAR plugin or such.

> the NT driver is in the repository. in the main trunk it can 
> be found in
> io/rio/win32 and in the 1.5 branch it has been moved to lib/portio.
well, i got the source, i tried with portio.sys but i was not able to create
a file on //./RioDev, i got INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE
maybe the problem is in my setup, cos i created the registry entries
manually, anyone to know how to install it properly?

> elrod
> Zsolt Farkas wrote:
> > hi guys,
> >
> > i have just finished my MP3 car player with Win9x and 
> winamp, i plan to use
> > freeamp's decoder in the future, so anybody who is in 
> charge please drop me
> > a letter.
> >
> > others:
> > i would like to use the kernel mode driver you use to get 
> control of the
> > parallel port on NT, anybody has an example?
> >
> > i also created a HD44780 driver for my player, if you are 
> interested, i can
> > create one for freeamp as well.
> >
> > my car is an opel/vauxhal tigra, if anybody is interested 
> in creating a
> > built in mp3 player, i gladly share the info i have.
> >
> > well done guys,
> >
> > [S]

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