> > You may want to do downloads with UDP, and have the client send a "whoa,
> > I'm losing too many packets; throttle back n%" when things start getting
> > lossy (with perhaps a creep-back-up timer, too.)
> As long as your window size is set greater than or equal to the
> bandwidth delay product, that's exactly what TCP achieves.  Except
> that it does it with at least 20 years of experience behind it.  ;-}
> In general, trying to reproduce what TCP does on lossy networks using
> any datagram protocol is a losing proposition, usually because most
> implementors get the congestion control aspects wrong the first half
> dozen or so times they try to implement it.

Yes, I agree with this. However, if you're trying to do something like
play an mp3 stream while downloading other streams in the background,
TCP won't let you do prioritized connections. (I suppose I was answering
a question Elrod hadn't asked. :) )

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