Hi, I just found freeamp this evening.  I apologize if this is a
known problem.

I had no trouble checking out the freeamp directory from your CVS server
using the pserver access method, but I couldn't check out the id3v2
modules that you have defined in CVSROOT/modules--I get a CVS error
complaining about not being able to set a lock in the CVS directory.

If this is unintentional, and you're using group-level access to grant
permissions to your CVS repository, check to make sure that all of the
subdirectories have the correct group ownership and are all group write.
You may want to change the mode of the directories to 2775 so that new
subdirectories also inherit the group write permissions.

If you'd like to see the exact error, just try checking out something 
in the id3v2/ directory via the :pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED] method.

Hope that helps,


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