> > Well, I think I'm getting closer to finding what's causing the
> > Solaris strangeness; for one, it appears that sometimes the LWP
> > or Reader gets stuck, and so WasteTime() gets called an awful
> > lot. A side effect seems to be the creation of several hundred
> > threads. :)
> Wow -- there is some *strange* shit going on over there. Have you taken
> a look at the solaris implementation of all the Thread/Mutex/Semaphore
> stuff?

Yeah, I have. With the difference of everything that says 'linux' saying
'solaris' instead, minor differences in spacing, and the fact that the
solaris bit does

   pthread_mutexattr_settype(&attr, PTHREAD_MUTEX_ERRORCHECK);

if under Sol 2.7, the two sources are identical.
I'm gonna try disabling the errorcheck mutexen, but I ain't hopeful that
it'll do much good.

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