(I use Win98,VoodooBanshee clone, 1280x1024 video)

Basically, no visualization there.
NO ANY. I looked and saw that MaskBlitRect has reverted to some
code that does not use that MaskBlt that only works on NT, but still, not a
thing visible.

I changed my video mode to 256 color - and it helped a little, window
showed up, but without buttons visible. (Text windows and sliders seemed to
But still, no display at all on 16bit or 32bit video modes. It was not so
some time ago... something is broken.

I tried changing hDestDC to hRootDC in BitBlt calls, and that that made it
to draw background (at coord 0,0) to screen, but nothing else. And no
buttons too.
What is going on?

by the way... a bug! 
Parse:: constructor does not initialize m_iErrorLastLine, that leads to
some wacky error reports...
Valters "WaTT" Vingolds

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