so we want to allow for other components to accept args that we might ot
know about. it looks like the current way we do things does not allow
for us to really intelligently parse out args. for instance the current
code would not know how to handle this:

freeamp -someComponentArg someComponentArgParam

it would properly skip the arg but include the Param as a file in the
playlist. the only way i can see getting around this is to change our
args to be grouped in some physical manner such as not having spaces
between the arg and its parameter or if there are multiple params they
are grouped by brackets or something. Example:

freeamp -uitheme.ui -uilcdproc.ui  blah.mp3

or this could be written

freeamp -ui[theme.ui lcdproc.ui] blah.mp3

what do you guys think?


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