On  2 Oct, Isaac Richards wrote:
> On 02-Oct-99 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> Ok, so now it compiles, but there are dynamic link-up issues:
> <snip>
>> The last three I can look into, but what is the __out_of_range symbol?
> Never heard of it before..  Seems to be a stl thingie..  Are you sure your
> glibc/gcc are installed right?  Does libstdc++ in some form or another show up
> if you ldd the freeamp bin?

No it does not -- which is strange. How does libstdc++ get resolved?
I've installed the libstdc++ that comes with gcc 2.95 -- I went back
and re-built and re-installed 2.95 and now I get this error:

./plugins/theme.ui: undefined symbol: copy__t18string_char_traits1ZcPcPCcUi

string_char_traits does not occur anywhere in the freeamp source. Grrr.

Maybe its time to upgrade to RH6.1.

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