> Works for me, but that's real wacky. One should have a better way of
> reaching FAContext from Win32Window but I can't think of any.

No not really -- there is are 4 distinct sections of code in the Theme ui:

1) Code specific to FreeAmp (these have access to m_context such as
2) Code generic to the theme classes (Theme.cpp)
3) Code that is OS independent (Window.cpp, Canvas.cpp, etc)
4) Code that is OS dependent (Win32*.cpp files)

These abstractions will allow me to break out the theme interface stuff and
release it as a seperate library should people be interested in that. It
also makes porting to another platform easy.

The proper way to handle this is to have the Win32Window call a dropfiles
method in Theme. FreeAmpTheme will have to override this method and handle
it from there. I will take your patch and make the necessary fixes. This
should be available in CVS later today and in the next beta (next monday)


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> Anyway, this is one messy way to do it.
> I specify pContext member in Window class, then in FreeAmpTheme
> I initialize it to context after (main) Theme window has been created.

> Now, window procedure in Win32Window looks for WM_DROPFILE requests and
> calls DropFiles() then. The DropFiles() proceeds to load files into PLM.
> (strange, plm->AddItem(filename) does not work good, but
> plm->AddItem(filename,0) works fine. Haven't bothered to look that up yet.
> Actually the code for handling WM_DROPFILE is taken from FreeAmpUI. So


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