Hi guys,

So we cranked some more this week and we are proud to bring you 2.0 beta
2. On linux we are not releasing binaries but we do have tarballs for
you. Check it out. Grab it here:


This is a general release on both the win32 and linux platform. There
are still rough spots and a last minute change in the design of the
Music Browser means it is still not 100% implemented but the general
idea is there for you to mess with. Please submit bugs to Bugzilla at:


here is the brief changelog for 2.0 beta 2:

Changes for Linux and Windows version 2.0 beta 2

- Win32 and Linux are now at 100% feature parity.
- All new user interface with Themes support. Let's see how creative
  you guys are.
- Totally rewritten playlist management. New Playlist Manager and
  more robust back end.
- Download Manager
- Auto-update, download new components as they are released and
  always know you have the latest bug fixes.
- All major functionality is implemented as plugins, feel free to
  add more!
- Basic id3v2 metadata support. (yes we actually read data out of
  them, not just skip them)
- Way too many bug fixes to list here...

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