> I have it running for about 24h now, continally playing on song (looped) -
> hasn't crashed yet. I am very satisfied that it's rather solid! Wonder if
> version works that well too... earlier versions would die somewhere in
> looking like deadlocked.

It does -- I've had the windows version running for 2.0 days over the
weekend and the linux version has been playing in my office for almost a
week now. I'm quite happy.

> Has anyone tried visions theme under linux? I think song title text is
> one-or-two pixels too high. That ofcouse could be cured by aligning text
> rectangle in theme, but somehow under Win32 it did not look that way. I
> maybe Freeamp/linux itself is rendering text that one-or-two pixels too

Yes, this is because the truetype font support is not complete yet. Once
that is done the themes will look the same.

> Magically 'Playlist' button does not functions (OK, that's because
> code responsible for firing CMD_PlaylistUI (or?) was for some reason
> from  FreeAmpTheme.cpp .... huh?  Maybe in process of implementing 'Files'
> button? 'Files' button rocks, though. It goes with visions theme better
> launching playlist ui.

The CMD_PlaylistUI message is now superceded -- CMD_AddFiles should be used
instead for the files button.

> I'll have 'Files' for the 'eject' button and 'Playlist' for the 'middle o
> button (of those small buttons)).
> **Robert** - care to update theme.xml for that?

Can you update it and I'll toss it into CVS?

> Other bug that I addressed in Win32 (via Robert, that is) is the 'dupe
> directory names' / and theme.fat files and their directory names (so
> Descriptive Names) both showing up in theme selection dialog box - that
needs to
> be brought into Linux' s ThemeManager.cpp.

Yeah -- I would prefer to add those extra info tags that we talked about.
That would be more flexible...

> I encountered some wackiness how visions.fat in how gets un-tgzipped
> under Linux. (I created it with Cygnus' win32 tar/gzip versions, so it's
> actually their fault). Also, the MakeTheme for some reason does not want
> read files if they are not writable. (say, owned by root and only readable
> others)

Can you please enter that as a bug?

> How does one debug FreeAmp under Linux?

printfs, unless you have gdb with LinuxThreads support.

> I think I will try and see if I can implement KDE tooltips and docking
into KDE
> panel...

Please do! I started doing that, but I won't have time to finish it. I
grabbed the source code to kbiff and started modifying it to be a freeamp

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