> I am running Windows 2000 Server RC3 and have NEVER had FreeAmp 2 work for
> me.

Oooo. Can I jump in to. :)  Windows 2000, RC3 dual PIII 500 with a SB Live!

> I think in the last beta it would lock up while it searched through my
> 5+ gigs of mp3s, but now it seems to do that ok.

Mine has difficulty with the fact that the mp3's are on a file server

> Now it won't play the mp3s.

mine plays 1. Just one. Any attempt to change the song results in freeamp...
stopping. Buttons "click" but don't actually do anything. If i try to kill
it it stops responding (refusing to respond to taskmananger) for ~ 5 mins at
which point it suddenly dissapears.

> It will play ~3 seconds, and then die.  Some buttons do stuff, but I cant
> close it.  Even task manager wont close it.. (:

The same - mine does go away if I wait long enough.  With the Live! I can
flip to winamp while I wait for FreeAmp to die.



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