If I queue mp3s, it plays the playlist fine.  But any of the 4 buttons kill

When it is killed:
All the button mouseovers activate perfectly.
The mousepress or whatever's work fine
The status window updates.

But the buttons dont do anything, mp3s wont play.. the scroll bars work, i
can change the point in the song.. but it still freeses.

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> Subject: [ANNOUNCE] FreeAmp 2.0 Released
> We had to battle a flakey network to get this out to you guys but here
> it is finally. The official FreeAmp 2.0 release. You can grab it off the
> website. For people who don't like to build the thing themselves we will
> be putting Linux RPMs up soon.
> http://www.freeamp.org/download-idx.html
> I would like to thank all of you who have contributed your time and
> effort during the beta process. Thanks to you FreeAmp is a better
> product. We know that not all the bugs have been found so if you run
> into something let us know through bugzilla
> (http://www.freeamp.org/bugzilla) and we will make sure it gets fixed
> for 2.0.1.
> We will also be looking to the future in the coming weeks and shift
> gears into designing 3.0 so if you have any big feature requests make
> sure you let them be known.
> Once again, thanks to everyone!
> elrod
> Changes for Linux and Windows version 2.0
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> - Help files for both Linux and Win32 have been updated further.
> - New medium and small modes for the default FreeAmp theme.
> - Better handling of Artist sorting in My Music window.
> - A nice pretty welcome wizard for My Music that gets you up and
>   running ASAP.
> - FreeAmp Classic theme now supported. Not quite the same as the old
>   FreeAmp but pretty darn close. Hope you like it.
> - Repeat after me, "Lots and lots of bug fixes!"
> - This is it, 2.0 is now gold! Yippee! Now we get to start work on
>   2.1 <grin> and add al those features that were frozen out of 2.0.
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