>> 2. Does the current RTP implementation follow RFC 2250? Are there any
>> consideration for optimizations such as those proposed at www.lvn.com?
>I hope it does. :-) The RTP implementation in FreeAmp and Obs does not
>implement RTCP, but otherwise it should meet RFC 2250. FreeAmp can listen to
>a stream that the LiveCaster kicks out... I would love to adopt the
>improvements that Ross is talking about on his site. Unfortunately I have
>not heard much lately as far as the progress on these proposals.

A quick update: The proposal for an alternative, more loss-tolerant RTP
payload format for MP3 is currently a "work item" in the IETF, and is
likely to become a standard at some point.  (Of course, it won't *replace*
RFC2250; that will continue to be a standard as well.)

One thing to note, however, is that the final payload format will probably
differ slightly from the proposal that's described currently in an
Internet-Draft (the one linked to from www.live.com).  An "ADU-frame
interleaving" option will probably be added to the specification; this will
make it even more tolerant of packet loss.  So, although people are
encouraged to experiment with implementing the format described in the
current Internet-Draft, they shouldn't include this in shipping products
just yet.

        Ross Finlayson


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