> 1) Do you know if anybody have ported the freeamp player for strong
> processor? (just to avoid duplication). I am willing to port it and
> optimise it for the SA architecture.

I think you're the first person to mention this.

> 2) I have access to a rebel.com's netwinder (strong-arm sa1100 with
> red-hat linux running) development platform, and would like to test the
> freeamp on it as it is to start with.
> Which version of the player is suitable (as I remeber somebody mentined
> that vesion2 of the
> freeamp will have different architecture) ?. I want to know which version
> is
> more plugin based and stable architecture (with some documentation) sothat
> I can remove/add anything I want.

It depends on what your end goal is. If you would like to have a simple
command line player that doesn't have many of the advanced playlist features
and you don't care about maintaining the future changes for that platform,
the you should probably go with 1.3.1. However if you want the latest and
greatest stuff, go with version 2.0.0

> Have anybody have an idea as to where it could break when running on
> strongarm platform (ie. any x86 specific code section).

Not that I know of -- the assembly stuff only gets used on x86 platforms. On
non x86 platforms the normal C code will be used instead.

> 3) If I want to by-pass all the x86 assember optimization and get a pure c
> or c++ code, can some body give me some suggestions (or pointer to some
> doccuments, any make file just with necessor source files). FYI, I don't
> really need the fancy UI's I just need the command line UI with basic
> features (volume, play-list, local and http input etc.)

See above.

> 4) By looking at the previous discussion, my understanding is that I just
> have to remove the plugins which I don't need (for example keep the
> command-line ui, and remove all ohter ui's). Am I correct?.

That should be ok -- if it breaks for some reason it should be pretty easy
to fix.

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