> We can give a collection of mp3 files (using * wild card)
> to the freeamp. Using '+/=' and - options of cmdline ui, we
> can move forward and backward..  Instead of that, I want to create
> a .m3u file that holds the list of mp3 files of PLAYQUEUE. Now
> I can give this .m3u file to freeamp. But I cant change the
> PLAYQUEUE (.m3u) file dynamically. Is there any way out? I want
> to change my PLAYQUEUE dynamically.

You can change the play queue to your hearts content. Check out the function
that the PlaylistManager class gives you in the base/include/playlist.h. The
command line UI is passed a pointer to the FAContext object which contains
the m_plm member. This member is a pointer to the PlaylistManager, which has
member methods AddItem(), MoveItem(), SwapItems() and all the fun stuff to
manage the playqueue.

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