> Second, the FreeAmp prefs should only be creating a FreeAmp
> registry entry.
> check your config.h to see if it says EMusic anywhere... I
> might have screwed up
> a checkin.... did you build from the zip file or cvs?

I just checked the config.h and its fine, it looks identical to

The source file i used was (which i downloaded at about 9pm EST):


i pulled down the tar because they are usually smaller than a zip and i'm on
a 56k modem and wanted a shorter wait.

> Third, look to see if your problem is related to the checking
> i did for RMPs and
> RealJukebox. In the main.cpp file you will see a call to
> SendCommandLineToRealJukebox()... comment that out and see if
> it causes your
> problem to go away.

The closest command I can find is:


I found no mention of the RealJukebox command.



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