* Julius Xavier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>The lcd.ui in freeamp should be compatible with LCDd-0.4-pre8
>>and several earlier versions.  However, the LCDd client
>>protocol is in the process of changing, and lcd.ui will need to
>>be updated to work with LCDd-0.4-pre10.
> Can anyone tell me what sort of thing need to be done sothat I can try?.

The protocol is being updated, by changing a few matters of
syntax.  An old-style command might look like this:

        widget_set screen widget 3 2 "Booger"
And the new syntax allows parameters to come in any order:

        widget_set screen widget -x 3 -y 2 -text "booger"

It's not a big change, but it's enough that clients will have
to be updated.  (and hopefully won't need to be updated again
for quite a while)

> I am happy to improve or redo the LCD UI (add playlist, input
> etc.), and update it. However there is one problem. I am not
> that experienced software developer. But I have some time and
> I can take it as a project. I need some docomentation of "how
> to do UI" and help (guidence) from the experienced people like
> you. Can I rely on your knowledge and start the project?

The freeamp-dev list should be able to help you with the UI
parts of the code, and I (or the lcdproc list) can help you
with the LCD parts of the code.  :)

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