Ok, I joined the list so hopefully some threading will be working on my
posts from now on....

Anyway, I am running kernel 2.2.12. I'm using the stock sound driver
that came with ther kernel: "Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI 97 (ES1371). No
ALSA or EsoundD or anything. If you need more informatino about my
system, let me know. It's basically a Stampede box.

The drivers et all work fine with all other sound type things on my
system, the only exception being Speak Freely until they patched it to
output a different format of audio (that I mentioned in my previous

Someone else said that this worked driver worked perfectly in 2.2.13, so
perhaps the developers of FreeAmp would consider it a non issue now. I
would still consider it a bug because if it is the same problem that
Speak Freely had, they said they had a bunch of different cards that
needed the audio sent in that other format.

I'm just going to keep using xmms until I update my kernel... which will
be a while as I'm rather confortable with this one, so if anyone tries
to kill this bug, I can test the fix. Otherwise just keep up the good
work on the interfaces. Once again, I really liked them.

Chris Carlin

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