I'm tinkering with the idea of having an old i486 SX/33 (which I'll probably
upgrade to Pentium 83 with an OverDrive processor) with linux be an MP3
"server", with a front end implemented under Win32.  Basically the "server"
will play the MP3s through its own sound system, while grabbing files from a
file server, or perhaps having the "client" send the file(s) to the server
and have the server cache those files on its local hard drive.  This is
quite an ambitious project for me, since I've done no programming in the
past other than for my classes (I'm a college sophomore majoring in CS).
The reason I'm writing to this list is because I thought I could perhaps get
some direction from more experienced developers.  If anyone can help me get
started, it'd be greatly appreciated.

First thing I need is a short blurb on what the most basic/important parts
of the source code(s).  In other words, what are the most basic components
that I need in order to get a freeamp derivative to play an mp3 in a linux
command line, and what parts of the source(s) should be modified to allow it
to function under a command line interface.  Especially, which parts of the
code is for loading the file referenced, and which are for the decoding, and
which are for outputting, etc.

Second step will probably be for me to learn network programming via good
'ol tcp/ip.  Does anyone know of a good reference for network programming
beginners?  Preferably one that covers both Linux/Unix and Win32.

Third step will be to make the interface, and I'm thinking that I might want
to use freeamp, I'm guessing that it uses plug-ins to decode like winamp
does.  I'm not a user of freeamp just yet, so I don't know for sure.  But
assuming it does, some help in the way of an outline on how plug-ins exactly
work would be very helpful.

Thank you all for your time, and thank you in advance to anyone who helps

Min Pae
"Life is pain, highness.
 Anyone who says differently is selling something" - Wesley, Princess Bride.


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