On 23-Feb-2000 Prabhakaran Selvadurai wrote:
> Hi There,
> I am not that experience in programming in
> linux environment so please pardon me with basic question.
> 1) What debugger is used by the freeamp developers (linux)?.

I use gdb.  It works most of the time, but freeamp is complex enough and has
enough threads going on that gdb has an annoying tendency to segfault when
freeamp does..  makes it fun to debug =)

> 2) How to change the make file to be able to debug?. (The make file is
> too complicated for me to follow). 

If you built freeamp from sources yourself, you shouldn't have to change
> thanks in advance..
> Prabha

To debug segfaults and the like, all you really need to do is:
gdb freeamp
<gdb startup junk>

(gdb)  run

... mess with it, wait for a segfault, etc...

(gdb) bt

and it'll give you a stack trace of where the problem occurred.


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