On 28 Feb, Valters Vingolds wrote:
> hmm, it's nice to see how freeamp gets accepted more and more!
> however, what do you say about that coca cola theme 'licence agreement'?
> 1) they are referring to .fat as "mp3 skin" ... huh?!
> 2) forbiding to "reverse assemble, reverse compile and otherwise attempt to
> create source code" - that includes unpacking, i guess.
> this is SICK!!!
> 3) forbidding to "translate, duplicate, reproduce or copy" - kind of stupid.
> well, i would understand if they copyrighted the artwork and left the
> distribution alone... i would even understand if they forbid redistribution
> because they want everyone to download from their site! but noooo... 
> this is kind of sad. maybe they should fobid using the theme under linux,
> for completeness sake. <flamebait>

I think we should leave it all alone -- I don't really agree with their
terms, but I like the exposure that FreeAmp is getting as part of that.
If you don't agree to their terms, don't use their themes. :-)

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