On 16 Mar, Michael Rich wrote:
> Robert,
> Do you really think the new plugin should be named after the WAVE format?  I
> was originally hoping for a more generic writer in which you would be able
> to select the type of file that is outputted whether its WAV, or AIFF, or
> even raw PCM.  Is the WAV format even relavent on the Mac, or does it
> natively use a different format?  If it does, wouldn't this come into play
> for FreeAmp 3.0?
> This is the reason I asked about the customize dialogs for output plugins so
> that choices like this could be made.  The "sort of" generic WaveWriter
> class was my attempt to sort of abstract the writing of the data to disk
> because if it wasn't for the Create() method, it would really be a generic
> interface.

I can see your point, but generall I feel that WAV output is more
descriptive to the user than disk output, and that's what people have
called it when they asked for the feature.

Can I suggest that we rename it when we move to the new plugin
architecture for 3.0? At that point we'll also have an improved options
system that will allow for the things that you're planning for.

Is that reasonable?

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