On 23-Mar-2000 Jimen Ching wrote:
> Ok, that's the problem, I don't have GTK installed.  But it isn't the GTK
> code that is using this include directory.  It is ftc/winamp/winamp.cpp ->
> winamp.h -> themeformat.h.  Thus, without GTK, freeamp will not compile.

Ahh, makes perfect sense.  I'll just add the winamp converter to the plugins
that only get built when GTK's present..

> Here is a patch to fix the previous patch I sent.  The problem was that I
> placed one of the directories too far up the list.  As a result, the mkdir
> failed because a parent directory didn't exist.  Here is the fix.  Sorry I
> didn't see this earlier, I did a clean build and this problem came up.

And applied.


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