Joseph Perez wrote:
> I decided that I would like to expand FreeAmp's capabilities so that it
> can be accessed via a remote control. While attempting to do this, I
> discovered the IRManUI source code. Correct if I'm wrong but, I believe
> the  source code uses the serial port to access an infra-red reciever
> that could in fact control the FreeAmp player. I just began looking at
> the code, and I wanted to know if it was already fully functional. Also,
> how could I get FreeAmp to use your source code? Do I need a certain
> remote control?

In my opinion you should use Lirc (linux infrared remote control) to
remote codes. It supports irman and universal remote, homebrew receivers
and so on.
It also has a very nice client library with config file support ...


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