well OK i have the NASM.EXE but in the instruction for win32 is written:

a) Copy/move NASMW.EXE to NASM.EXE (best for Windows 95/98)

     b) Create a batch file called NASM.BAT containing the following:

        @REM Call NASMW.EXE with all command line arguments (percent star)
        @REM This may only work under Windows NT
        @nasmw %*

    This will allow anyone referencing NASM (without a file extension) to
    automatically invoke NASM.BAT, which will call NASMW.EXE.

and I have a question? is just this text or I need add anything?
Other question: what must I do for configure my freeamp enviroment in Visual
C++ 6.0? about settings, using MFC or not? please help me, I new whit this.

Victor Romero

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> > I wonder if anyone could sending me a nasm.bat file, please.
> > Thanks
> Nasm isn't a batch file, its an application. Get it from:
> http://www.web-sites.co.uk/nasm/
> mike
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