Srdan wrote:

> I compiled & tested 2.0.7 & 2.1beta1 with WC 6.0
> (Visual C) on W95 osr2 and:
> 1) 2.0.7 doesn't compile clean and is not stable so i
> want mention it anymore. you should remove it from homepage.
> (the source, i mean)

What do you mean by does not compile cleanly? I know the gdbm stuff has some
signed unsigned warnings but i have not taken the time to delve into those and
make sure that casting them away would cause an error. are there any other

> About 2.1beta1
> 3) you're not killing threads correctly. after few minutes there is more
> than 400 active threads

This has been fixed since beta 2 but due to a snafu in our release process
beta 2 was held up.. beta 3 is gonna be on the site in about an hour. check it

> 7) In options menu when changing bettween 'tabs' screen
> is redrawn in a 'strange' way.

I have heard others report this... can you describe what you are seeing?

> In change info on multiple items there's something wrong.
> sometimes it works, sometimes it crashed, it is too slow, and last time it
> TRUNCATED TO ZERO LENGTH 3 albums (different subdirs)
> With disk editor i recovered it, OK, lost few frames on begining
> because it wrote file info booth on begining & end of stream !!

Hmm sounds like a bug in the id3v2/id3v1 plugins can you please put this one
in bugzilla. squashing a file is a major bug...

> My music minors:
> 10) the tree is redrawn strangly, mouse blinks too much
> 11) double click in empty space starts song again

I will see if i can improve these.. i occasionally see flicker on mine.

> I've got a lot of suggestions so if you interested let me know.

Of course we are interested. Send along your suggestions... even better is to
help implement them!

Thanks for taking the time to critique our stuff.



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