Srdan wrote:

> this is the only error:
> ...FreeAmpTheme.cpp, line 1395:
>         if(0 < DialogBoxParam(g_hinst,
>                               MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDD_UPDATEAVAILABLE),
>                               NULL,
>                               (int (__stdcall *)(void))::UpdateAvailableDlgProc,
>                               (LPARAM) 0))
> // because
> c:\src\mp3\freeamp\freeamp-1000127-1030\ui\freeamp\src\freeamptheme.cpp(1399) : 
>error C2664:
> 'DialogBoxParamA' : cannot convert parameter 4 from 'int (__stdcall *)(void)' to 
>'int (__stdcall *)(struct HWND__ *,unsigned
> int,unsigned int,long)'

I thought we had cleaned that one up in 2.0.7... guess not.... that was a hack to get 
around some weirdness in vc++5.0, I was
finally able to #define the right stufff so it did not think it was using MFC.

>  Actually, after entering options you cannot exit without a OS crash.
> 12) opening My music after while crashes OS. after reboot freeamp
> want start. it started after i removed 'metadatabase & resumedownloadDB' files.
> I can send you those files if you want.

Can you send them to [EMAIL PROTECTED]? He is our DB guy.



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