Bill Yuan legacy is first to thank for visualization support, same as in

Here what's done and what needs to be done:
1) Feeding visualization from LMC. Probably needs to be reworked and put in
another place. Currently it's getting about 4k bytes, it's about 2000 16bit
stereo samples. Winamp uses 576 -byte- arrays.
So, waveform samples get to be degraded to 8 bit, should be optimized.
Also, for spectrum, I used Bill Yuan's FFT class (added stereo support) -
it works with complex numbers and in the end double value gets degraded to
Also could be optimized bigtime.

2) From (1) we get significantly lower framerates in plugins than in winamp
+ small pause when LMC threads get killed (At least I think that's why).

AVS (Advanced Visualization Studio plugin) runs about half as slower than
under Winamp.

3) When user presses 'close' on plugin's window, plugin disappears, taking
it's parent window with it - very wacky. I never caught the message that
takes the parent down. (This seems to be handled more or less ok, though)

4) Fullscreen in plugins do not work very good. (Ok, this seems to be

5) Architectural problems with what I have done. Needs to be cleaned up and
Probably this code should be moved out of FreeampUI to some separate plugin
Or made portable (as meta vis plugin architecture) so it can be supported
under unix - and to run XMMS plugins.

6) May experience wacky aftereffects.

The 'patch' is attached under bug #806 in bugzilla. 

Recommended plugins:
AVS visualization studio
Nullsoft test visualization library (their SDK example) :)
(at least one can debug it)

At 10:17 6/6/00 -0700, you wrote:
>I had some e-mail problems yesterday and my response to your message
>regarding the visualizations never made it to the list.
>I'd very much like to take a look at what you've done so far. Can you
>send me a patch of your stuff? Also, did you implement frequency domain
>visualizations or time domain, or both?
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