You most likely don't have gtk installed..  Or if you do have gtk installed, you
don't have the devel package for it.

Seems to be a FAQ recently..

Oh, and I'm pretty sure most of the code you're going to need to hack on is in
ui/musicbrowser/unix/src/browserlist.cpp..  Lemme know if you have questions
about what's going on in there -- it's kinda scary code =)


On 15-Jun-2000 Steve Kemp wrote:
> Hi,
>   I've finally gotten around to building FreeAmp on Linux,
>  to try to duplicate the column patch I made.
>   So, I did the checkout, ran configure, did the whole
>  make-thing.
>   When I run freeamp under X I don't see any gui, just the
>  simple command interface.. so what am I doing wrong?
>   (Is there a configure flag I should set?)
>   When I look in /usr/share/..plugins I don't see a *gtk*.ui
>  file which I _think_ I should be seeing.
> Steve
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